We Have a Brand New Chef!

Come and meet our new head chef Anthony!


Anthony is a wonderful chef and has re-invented our restaurant tremendously! 

We now have very interesting specials for dinner which is served from 5:00pm-10:00pm daily.  These specialty dishes are outstanding and will leave you coming back for more! upon check-in you receive a flyer listing all of them.

Some of our favorites are:

  • Crab Stuffed Tiger Shrimp in a Buttery Cream Sauce. Served with Rice Pilaf.
  • Beef Tenderloin Tips with Whiskey Sauce and Mushrooms. Comes with Whipped Garlic Potatoes and Fried Onions.


Our serving staff is also excellent. They are very attentive and care about the customers needs as if they were their own. 

Want to enjoy some drinks at the bar? Come and join us! You can have dinner at the bar as well.

 As a courtesy, we would love to offer you a free drink, appetizer or dessert when you dine with us!  Its your choice: You can see AND TASTE  for yourself!

We would love to have you for dinner!

Contact 248-357-1100 or come dine between 5:00pm and 10:00pm.



A Family Reunion. To Plan or not to Plan?

Big Family OR Little Family- We have you covered!

Planning a Family Reunion can be tough. There are either too many people, not enough people or let’s face it difficult people!

The key is to have the perfect planner, venue and guide. Choose the Hilton Garden Inn Detroit Southfield and let us make this easy for you!

We have special packages for you to use as a guide. Our packages include Food and Beverage from our special Menu (wonderful options to choose from), Banquet Space, Sleeping Rooms and a wonderful Hot Breakfast each morning of your stay! Pool and Fitness Center access is of course another perk!

The Hilton Garden Inn Detroit Southfield enjoys working with our clients from the beginning of the planning process to the absolute end. We love to be heavily involved as well as get to know you and your family! We deliver a very personalized service and enjoy doing so every step of the way. We encourage our families to stop in and see the space before making any big decisions.

Our goal is to make you comfortable right off the bat! Your family makes you worry enough (just kidding. Kinda…). Also, our Event Managers are accessible to you whenever you need them. Call, Email, Fax, Stop By at anytime. They are always ready to answer your questions; like I said COMFORTABLE!

We will work with you regarding a budget or if you have something very specific in mind. Nothing is impossible!

Whether you have a big Family:






Or a Small Family:

We can assist you with your special reunion!

Call us at: 248-357-1100 for rates, availability or if you have any questions!


“Family is the most important thing in the world” – Princess Diana

Location, Value and Quality- Choosing The Right Hotel

Choosing a Hotel can be a tricky, tedious process at times.  Each traveler, whether they are corporate or leisure clients want to be accommodated the best way possible, as they should be.  

QUESTIONS: Why are you visiting?What are you most interested in seeing? Are you on a strict budget? Will the hotel be the focus of your trip? Do you only require a place to rest your heads at night? Are you traveling for business or pleasure?                                                    

*These are questions that the traveler must ask themselves before choosing a property.

Consider the following:

Location- Are you looking for a hotel that is centrally located or in  the  heart of  a City/Downtown Area? Do you prefer to walk to restaurants and nightlife? Do you prefer to be away from the crowded  streets? Are you only interested in staying near public transportation? Is Shopping the focus of your trip? Are you visiting family and friends and need to be close to them?

 Value- Are you traveling on a specific budget? Are you opposed to staying a bit further away from your destination to save money? Are you looking to spend your money on sightseeing and activities rather than a hotel room? Are you traveling with children? Are you only looking for Breakfast inclusive properties?


Quality- Are you interested in spending most of your time at the Hotel? Is impeccable service a requirement? Do you prefer a hotel loaded with amenities such as an on-site restaurant, spa, fitness center and miraculous views? Is your purpose for visiting luxury based?

We at the Hilton Garden Inn Detroit Southfield know how to steer you in the right direction and make your stay most enjoyable. When your Hotel is EXACTLY what you want/need you not only feel good about it, but you have a comfort zone to return to each day/night of your trip and that is important. We are conveniently located and offer the best of service. For our corporate clients, our business center is available to them 24 hours a day. We can accommodate with corporate rates and our boardrooms are perfect for any type of meeting. If you are traveling leisurely and need to be centrally located the HGI Southfield is the perfect hotel for you. We can accommodate with a hot  breakfast each morning, our pool and spa is open from 6:00am-10:00pm and our bar/lounge is serving dinner and drinks until 11:00pm.  We have something for every type of guest looking to visit the area.

Please contact our team at any time. We are happy to answer all of your questions as well as accommodate you the best way possible.



Everything. Right where you need it.

Featured Staff Member Ian P.

Ian P. is one of our most interesting staff members at the Hotel. He is extremely artistic beside being a wonderful Bartender/Server.

Ian is in a band and plays the guitar he also writes incredible poetry. His band is called IJP and some of his poetry can be read in this post. How appropriate that the entries below have a little something to do with Detroit?


 Hockey time in Hockey

Town ice skate

rebate tax faceoff. 

 The black boxer Joe

Louis and Zukofsky have

I had too much?

 Beer no reappear empty

glass too fast relapse

perception no decision. 

 I write for the letter I



The breeze is at least

pleasant and natural and

calms the chaos somewhat.

 The returning birds sing

R and B and Red breasts

puff up in pride.

Gray black and red orange

bricks make up the scene

with indifference they sit.

Common Spring needs a new ignition.



Men are indeed from

Mars and Venus and

Detroit of course.

Corvettes are caring

dogs that slobber all

over your pants.

Holes are everywhere

failing once again

to fill themselves.

 Angry capitalism.


Ian has been a Bartender and Server at the Hilton Garden Inn Southfield since February 2012. Our guests love his music and at times ask him to play guitar for them on the weekends! Come on down and have a drink with us,  Stay with us and get a complimentary drink. Either way you will get to meet Ian. Talk music, art, poetry, travel and be prepared to be very interested!

 (TIPS ARE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED… not just monetary tips either)

Call us: 248-357-1100

Hilton Garden Inn Southfield- We Are on the Move!

Happy Friday!

    We have amazing plans for this weekend. Our staff is on the move!

Some of us are going to the Tigers VS Royals game. Others are seeing Fiona Apple at the Fillmore downtown.

Awesome hint: Drive into Downtown and park your car.  Then you can hop on the People Mover for 75 cents! It will take you wherever you have to go and you don’t need to worry about finding multiple parking spots!

One of our manager’s just had a meal   at Fishbones in downtown Detroit and she was raving about it. Then she was off to the Astoria Pastry Shop in Greektown for a treat! She hopped right on the People Mover and was there in no time!




Our Food and Beverage Supervisor  Javon loves Metro Beach! There is so much to do from swimming in the beautiful lake, taking in the sun, relaxing by the gorgeous boats, BBQing and picnicking or playing volleyball!

Whatever it is you might do enjoy yourselves! Come and visit us for a hotel stay, a drink and a swim!


A Featured Staff Moment

Good Evening Bloggers All Over the World!

Our Sales and Marketing Manager has been featured on www.mo.com.

She discusses her big move from New York City to Michigan as well as her Career.

Check it out here:


~Please contact her directly with any questions or inquiries regarding events.

Jana Urban

(248)-357-1100 ext 2307


Detroit. The D. Hockey Town. Motor City. Hitsville USA.

Welcome to Detroit!

There are new stories to tell about Detroit today. Which doesn’t mean the old stories are all wrong — just that they’re not the whole story anymore.

There is so much to do and be proud of! 

 Our Staff member Ian thinks The Works– in Downtown Detroit is a good time! Re-worked. New Sound, revamped patio; a Detroit Nightlife staple! COME HERE to dance-chill-eat-frolic-talk-whatever to one of detroit’s coolest vibes, best sounds, and nicest crowds… all while listening to the best talent, live. (Ian is in a band himself, so I would listen to him)

 Hitsville USA

The D’s International border and walkable riverfront  are symbols of this city’s cosmopolitan place in the world. The museums showcase artistic genius and history, the skyline shows our industry and the hangouts blend  style with laid-back cool. 



                                                                                   Inside the Fox Theatre

You can Experience three pro-sports teams, upscale casinos, theatres, a thriving cultural district and live entertainment venues that keep the beat all night long. There are so many amazing restaurants to choose from and the Jazz is phenomenal! Take a cruise, a tour or bike ride and enjoy the Motor City on 2 wheels.


Culture. History. Comfort



 Cliff Bell’s Famous Jazz Club and Restaurant



Celebrate the Holiday’s by Ice Skating with your loved ones

Enjoy the Detroit Auto Show. It is the Motor City…

Contact us to make hotel reservations or for more information!

Experience Detroit. It is a Renaissance City, a  Re-invented City!

Jana Urban. 248.357.1100 Ext 2307


A Trip to the Detroit Zoo!

Our Sales and Marketing Manager, Jana Urban had a fun-filled weekend at the Detroit Zoo!

Read on about her trip and take a look at her photos!


It was Zoopendous!

The Detroit Zoo was absolutely wonderful! There were so many educational exhibits, fun activities and animals to see!

The Detroit Zoo is Home to more than 3,300 animals of 280 species. Among my favorites were the Camels, Seals and Lions! I also really enjoyed taking Tauber Family Railroad which goes through the entire zoo as well as the Giraffe Feeding. It was such a blast and I learned so many wonderful facts!


Did you know that the Poison Dart Frog is one of the most toxic animals on Earth?  The two-inch-long (five-centimeter-long) Golden Poison Dart Frog has enough venom to kill 10 grown men. Tiny but, deadly!


Also, The Female Peacock is not brightly colored those gorgeous creatures are actually the males!





There were some surprising elements as well. THE FOOD WAS FANTASTIC!  There were several cafe’s that served delicious food such as flatbread sandwiches and healthy, hearty Salads. Some cafe’s also sold some cocktails and draft beers. So adults, if you are not the designated driver and need to show some kids a good time,  it is truly a fun time even if animal watching isn’t your thing!

Arctic Café
This cafeteria-style restaurant is the only one of its kind across the country in a zoo or aquarium setting that is Green Certified by the Green Restaurant Association. The Café earned distinction for its eco-friendly practices which include cutlery made from potato starch and soybean oil, touchless sensor faucets, increased recycling options, and a programmable thermostat. As the main feeding station, this location offers an expanded menu including deli salads and sandwiches, traditional grill favorites, pizza and vegetarian options.

Safari Grill
Similar to the Arctic Café, this concession stand offers traditional fare including burgers, chicken tenders, french fries, and fresh-made chips. For dessert, grab an iced-cold Icee or an ice cream cone! Safari Grill is located in the back of the Zoo across from the Tauber Family Railroad Station.

American Coney Island
A favorite with native Detroiters and visitors alike, the famous American Coney Island hot dog is now available at the Detroit Zoo! Located across from Rackham Fountain The cafe serves coney favorites include chili cheese fries, gyro’s, and greek salads.

Kijiji Cafe
This location specializes in East Coast favorites like the Philly cheese steak and buffalo chicken tenders. Located across from Rackham Fountain next to the Ford Education Center.

Sweet Treats
Cool down and satisfy your sweet tooth at this location with ice cream, Icee’s, and Sno Cones. Fried favorites such as elephant ears and funnel cakes are also available at this stand, located across from the bear dens at the west end of the Arctic Ring of Life.

Be prepared to do a lot of walking! Good news is that The Tauber Family Railroad can take you through the zoo, but only 1 way. So you can either walk through the zoo and take it back or take it through the whole zoo and walk your way back to your exit! Think of it as your daily exercise…

 Some other perks:

There is a 3D Theatre, Wild Adventure Rides and a gorgeous Carousel right in the middle of the park.

There is really something about the zoo that makes you feel like a kid again!  I  learned so many amazing facts and saw some wonderful sights. I had a blast and would return in a heartbeat!

Please contact me directly and mention THE DETROIT ZOO for a discounted room  rental rate!

Jana Urban-  248-357-1100 ext 2307

Turn Off On Your Day Off

We live in a DiGiTaL AgE,this we know is true. Due to the easy nature of modern technology people work more than ever nowadays. It is a spectacular time that we are living in but, why is it so hard to “turn off” our virtual connections to the world on our days off? Relax, take a martial arts class, stay at the Hilton Garden Inn Detroit Southfield (Yeah I went there), take a walk through the park, ride your bike, bake cupcakes.  (Its ok)

The art of doing nothing is really something.  We need to learn to put ourselves first and take time away from our busy work schedules, when we can. The world will not stop and you can hear about all of the wonderful and not-so-wonderful things that happened while you stopped working, tweeting, posting, pinning, following, updating, commenting, emailing, calling, liking, replying, stalking, searching, copying, pasting, blogging, adding, bookmarking, checking-in, hashtagging, instagraming, link sharing, tagging, youtubing, yelping, reviewing, texting and googling, to name a few.

 The Weekend (for most people) is what we look forward to the moment our week begins. Yet on our weekends we stay “turned on” like we are afraid to miss something. The thought of being disconnected gives us anxiety. Effective time management requires rest, relaxation and leading a balanced life. If you are constantly working you will soon find yourself burning out, suffering from a lack of energy and not functioning at optimal levels. By allowing yourself time to rest and relax you will allow your body to build itself up again for more effective activity. This behavior will lead to a more productive work week, a better attitude, and new love for your work.

Once you mentally “take out the trash” you have a clean slate to think on. Clearing your mind is not only good for reducing accumulated stress from everyday ING’S (see them highlighted above). It is also useful in terms of taking a step back to successfully move forward. 

Lets not do this:

Let’s do the following:

Write more creative blog entries

Get the promotion we deserve

Paint that perfect picture

Land that  important account

Have a productive work day

Be creative


 We can work 24/7 on the internet but, it doesn’t mean we have to.

-The HGI Detroit Southfield Team


“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important”. – Bill Gates 

Showers of Happiness (and diapers, pacifiers, bottles…)

You’re  Having a Baby!

Congratulations, تهنئة , 祝賀, Félicitations, Glückwünsche, Συγχαρητήρια, מזל טוב, Congratulazioni, おめでとうございます, Поздравляю, ¡Felicidades.


A Baby Shower is a well-known tradition and a popular way to celebrate the future birth of a child. There is no more exciting time than this! The gifts are nice too, right mommy-to-be?

The Hilton Garden Inn Detroit Southfield is a great place to hold this special party!

We have several Baby Shower Packages to choose from that include wonderful food and beverage options. Whether you are a group of ladies over 100 people or just about 10 people we can accommodate you.

We have a large ballroom, smaller banquet areas as well as outdoor patio space available for rent. Our Chef is wonderful and will prepare the delicious menu for you and your guests!

Our hotel staff is excellent! They are very accommodating and available to answer all of your questions before, during and after your Shower.

Whether you are planning your own Baby Shower or you are planning a Shower for someone else, we would love to host this special event! We know that this is a very important part of a woman’s journey through pregnancy. It is a time to celebrate her and her future bundle of joy.




Please contact us for further information (248)-357-1100 ext 2307

“Children reinvent your world for you”- Susan Sarandon