Location, Value and Quality- Choosing The Right Hotel

Choosing a Hotel can be a tricky, tedious process at times.  Each traveler, whether they are corporate or leisure clients want to be accommodated the best way possible, as they should be.  

QUESTIONS: Why are you visiting?What are you most interested in seeing? Are you on a strict budget? Will the hotel be the focus of your trip? Do you only require a place to rest your heads at night? Are you traveling for business or pleasure?                                                    

*These are questions that the traveler must ask themselves before choosing a property.

Consider the following:

Location- Are you looking for a hotel that is centrally located or in  the  heart of  a City/Downtown Area? Do you prefer to walk to restaurants and nightlife? Do you prefer to be away from the crowded  streets? Are you only interested in staying near public transportation? Is Shopping the focus of your trip? Are you visiting family and friends and need to be close to them?

 Value- Are you traveling on a specific budget? Are you opposed to staying a bit further away from your destination to save money? Are you looking to spend your money on sightseeing and activities rather than a hotel room? Are you traveling with children? Are you only looking for Breakfast inclusive properties?


Quality- Are you interested in spending most of your time at the Hotel? Is impeccable service a requirement? Do you prefer a hotel loaded with amenities such as an on-site restaurant, spa, fitness center and miraculous views? Is your purpose for visiting luxury based?

We at the Hilton Garden Inn Detroit Southfield know how to steer you in the right direction and make your stay most enjoyable. When your Hotel is EXACTLY what you want/need you not only feel good about it, but you have a comfort zone to return to each day/night of your trip and that is important. We are conveniently located and offer the best of service. For our corporate clients, our business center is available to them 24 hours a day. We can accommodate with corporate rates and our boardrooms are perfect for any type of meeting. If you are traveling leisurely and need to be centrally located the HGI Southfield is the perfect hotel for you. We can accommodate with a hot  breakfast each morning, our pool and spa is open from 6:00am-10:00pm and our bar/lounge is serving dinner and drinks until 11:00pm.  We have something for every type of guest looking to visit the area.

Please contact our team at any time. We are happy to answer all of your questions as well as accommodate you the best way possible.



Everything. Right where you need it.


Turn Off On Your Day Off

We live in a DiGiTaL AgE,this we know is true. Due to the easy nature of modern technology people work more than ever nowadays. It is a spectacular time that we are living in but, why is it so hard to “turn off” our virtual connections to the world on our days off? Relax, take a martial arts class, stay at the Hilton Garden Inn Detroit Southfield (Yeah I went there), take a walk through the park, ride your bike, bake cupcakes.  (Its ok)

The art of doing nothing is really something.  We need to learn to put ourselves first and take time away from our busy work schedules, when we can. The world will not stop and you can hear about all of the wonderful and not-so-wonderful things that happened while you stopped working, tweeting, posting, pinning, following, updating, commenting, emailing, calling, liking, replying, stalking, searching, copying, pasting, blogging, adding, bookmarking, checking-in, hashtagging, instagraming, link sharing, tagging, youtubing, yelping, reviewing, texting and googling, to name a few.

 The Weekend (for most people) is what we look forward to the moment our week begins. Yet on our weekends we stay “turned on” like we are afraid to miss something. The thought of being disconnected gives us anxiety. Effective time management requires rest, relaxation and leading a balanced life. If you are constantly working you will soon find yourself burning out, suffering from a lack of energy and not functioning at optimal levels. By allowing yourself time to rest and relax you will allow your body to build itself up again for more effective activity. This behavior will lead to a more productive work week, a better attitude, and new love for your work.

Once you mentally “take out the trash” you have a clean slate to think on. Clearing your mind is not only good for reducing accumulated stress from everyday ING’S (see them highlighted above). It is also useful in terms of taking a step back to successfully move forward. 

Lets not do this:

Let’s do the following:

Write more creative blog entries

Get the promotion we deserve

Paint that perfect picture

Land that  important account

Have a productive work day

Be creative


 We can work 24/7 on the internet but, it doesn’t mean we have to.

-The HGI Detroit Southfield Team


“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important”. – Bill Gates