Featured Staff Member Ian P.

Ian P. is one of our most interesting staff members at the Hotel. He is extremely artistic beside being a wonderful Bartender/Server.

Ian is in a band and plays the guitar he also writes incredible poetry. His band is called IJP and some of his poetry can be read in this post. How appropriate that the entries below have a little something to do with Detroit?


 Hockey time in Hockey

Town ice skate

rebate tax faceoff. 

 The black boxer Joe

Louis and Zukofsky have

I had too much?

 Beer no reappear empty

glass too fast relapse

perception no decision. 

 I write for the letter I



The breeze is at least

pleasant and natural and

calms the chaos somewhat.

 The returning birds sing

R and B and Red breasts

puff up in pride.

Gray black and red orange

bricks make up the scene

with indifference they sit.

Common Spring needs a new ignition.



Men are indeed from

Mars and Venus and

Detroit of course.

Corvettes are caring

dogs that slobber all

over your pants.

Holes are everywhere

failing once again

to fill themselves.

 Angry capitalism.


Ian has been a Bartender and Server at the Hilton Garden Inn Southfield since February 2012. Our guests love his music and at times ask him to play guitar for them on the weekends! Come on down and have a drink with us,  Stay with us and get a complimentary drink. Either way you will get to meet Ian. Talk music, art, poetry, travel and be prepared to be very interested!

 (TIPS ARE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED… not just monetary tips either)

Call us: 248-357-1100



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